Booklet process

24 06 2009

The whole process for this booklet was slow. It took me time to convince myself about making the booklet about my sculptures pieces. I think is was fear about showing my work that made me think to much. At the end it turn well and I am happy with it. I did uses photoshop and ilustrator to design the booklet and to change my pictures. It takes a lot of time trying to figure out which pictures are the best to uses and what do you have to change.
designing was a litle bit easy but it still takes work. i show to do a very practical and simple design. First because I did not have enought time to make the complicate one I had in my head. Second because some of the design I want to do require more skill in photoshop and inlustrator that the ones I have.
There are something I want to change in my booklet. Some details like:
Making the images more consisten in size and color. Some of them are brighter that other at the same time bigger.
The fonts I uses could be more efective in relation with the define and the images.
Having to design this booklet got me really excited about it and I think it is a good project expecially because after some everytime you discover something new to lear about the program and you can correct and make better.
Even if was a hard week for me I did enjoy doing the booklet.



24 06 2009

Here is my booklet. I decided to made it about my sculpture work. I hope you enjoy it.


10 06 2009

The process of my poster was a little bit slow. I didn’t have any good idea in the beginning. Here are some pictures of the process and the final

Neither one or the other.

3 06 2009

I am writing a essay and thinking about my illustrator poster. I have some many ideas for my essay that it is really difficult to organizes at the same time I have none to my poster and I am trying to find one good one.
It is really wear how do we get to the stage of trying to solve different things at the same time. You just miss orientation. You don’t finish one neither the other homework. There are many things that we do simultaneously writing a paper and thinking creative it doesn’t usually work.

Illustrator is making me crazy!!

3 06 2009

I thought photoshop was a difficult program. At the end it turn fun to used. Now ilustrator, It has being a very interesting program to uses especially because some of funtions work as photoshop and other have just their own way of working.
Also it has being very difficult for me to be creative with this program and I dont really know the reason. With photoshop the ideas were commiing one behing the other. This program is more limited and I stil confuse with the way it funtions.
This is a more graphic program. And I feel really limited to because I am not really creative when it comes to a kind og graphic desine and the things I imagen myself doing aren’t good for my skill using this program.

Illustrator has quickly become another chagellen.

Chucho Vales brings Cuba soul to Vancouver

27 05 2009

Great cuban pianist is comming to Vancouver jun 4th. I really recomend it. This is Bebo’s Valdes son a really famous pianist of cuba. Its work as pianist goes beyong their soul and gets to our hearts. I had never feel or hear such a latin and peacefull songs like this pianist do. Unfortunately Bebo Valdes (father) died years ago but there it still his music, creations, and soul in Chucho Valdes ( son). This is a great musician that goes to the same roots of his father and extra exceeds the quality of music his father uses to created; as the great pianist it was. Get emeger in to te most sublime y powerfull cuban music you can hear.

Here is a video so you can hear what I am takling about. Let me know what do you think.

Work not related to work.

27 05 2009

I had a discussion with one of my friends about work and replying emails. I was talking about how much time do we spend in a day sending email and resplying to others.It doesn’t matter your 7 hours daily you spent in the office, after those hour do you still reciving email and people expected you to answer fast specially if is related to work. For some can be one hour to reply to all those emails, to other more that an hour. The point is that it is work and it is not consider that way. You have to take time from you free time to reply to those emails. And if you don’t do it you can lose you jod because it is related to your work. I haven’t see or hear about a contract that said that employs are going to be pay for the time they take to reply emails after work or even descount hour of their daily schedule to avoid replyinging emails after work.
When you have been hired to teached a class, to administrated a office, to sale shoes and you spent your free time hour replying emails, for me doesn’t seem to be right to not take that in consideration first as work, as valuable time of you out of work live and as money that shoulb be.